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Google is working on a functionality for Chrome to block online ads that are too burdensome on the system.

The development of the feature, called Heavy Ad Intervention, started last month. Advertising frames that attract too many system resources are blocked.

With this intervention, advertisements that use more than 0.1 percent of the bandwidth usage, more than 0.1 percent CPU usage per minute and more than 0.1% of the total CPU time will be deleted, Google developer John Delaney writes on the Chromium Gerrit.

When sun ad frame is detected, Chrome will empty its content. A custom message is then displayed instead of the advertising message.

Built-in adblocker

Google has been fighting against disruptive advertisements on the internet for some time now. Since February 2018, the company has been offering a built-in adblocker in Chrome for users in the US, Canada and Europe. Next week, on July 9th, it will activate that functionality worldwide.

The adblocker blocks all unfriendly advertisements, which do not comply with the guidelines of the Better Ads Standards, of which Google is a member.

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