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OutSystems, supplier of a low-code development platform, will cooperate with Software Improvement Group (SIG). It enables OutSystems users to measure, improve and compare the quality and safety of new software with the SIG benchmark, by means of a technical integration.

SIG applies the ISO 25010 standard. SIG’s Sigrid software assurance platform gives OutSystems users access to measurements of the maintenance-friendliness and safety of applications from the inside, supplemented by recommendations from software engineering experts at SIG. These insights into source code should enable developers and software architects to solve bugs faster, reduce maintenance costs and ultimately shorten time-to-market.

Speed versus quality

According to OutSystems, the speed at which new apps or new functions have to be developed makes it difficult to maintain the balance between quality and speed. The Consortium for IT Software Quality reported that the cost of bad software in the United States is estimated at around $2.84 billion in 2018.

Antonio Barros, lead product manager at OutSystems, says: “The OutSystems platform is increasingly being used to develop core applications and replace legacy systems. The deployment of SIG’s software assurance platform, and its services, is a logical next step for many of our users. The international nature of SIG and their powerful solutions for monitoring quality and security vulnerabilities give them the option of controlling the quality of their application portfolio themselves.”


SIG has a benchmark software analysis database with more than 25 billion lines of code, for more than 275 different types of technology. SIG’s consultants use that data to evaluate organizations’ IT assets for maintenance-friendliness, scalability, reliability, complexity, security and privacy, among other things.

Luc Brandts, CEO at SIG, says about the collaboration: “Our latest benchmark database report (…) showed a strong increase in the use of low code. We are therefore very pleased with the collaboration with OutSystems, which simplifies the exchange of application source code in a very secure way, making a smoother delivery process possible. Through this collaboration, we expect to support more customers with fact-based insights and advice to manage their legacy modernization with confidence.”