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To make it easier for developers to collaborate, GitHub is launching the Android version of their platform in the Google Play Store.

While the Android version will be available for immediate use (albeit Early Access), iOS users will have to wait a while, but on GitHub’s website they can request access to the beta for that version. This is in contrast to the Android version, where one automatically becomes a participant of the test program.

The mobile version of GitHub makes it even easier for devs to communicate with each other, for example, by assigning tasks that (if completed) can be marked as “fulfilled” in a single swipe. It’s also easier to stay in touch with the rest of a developer team when you’re out and about.

Third-party app vs. GitHub app?

Since GitHub is incredibly popular among developers, there are several applications in the Google Play Store that do almost the same thing: Bring GitHub to Android. OpenHub for GitHub, a widely used open-source client for the app, will now have to give way to an actual full native experience of GitHub.

iOS users will have to wait, or sign up for the beta. At the end of 2019, the arrival of an Android launch was already announced for early 2020. From that moment on, it also became possible to register for the beta on iOS.