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Gartner states in a recent report that companies could cut costs significantly in the coming years if they invest in hyperautomation technology. By 2024, this should increase to 30 percent. According to the report, this is a combination of RPA with technologies such as iBPMS, iPaaS, RPA and decision management tools.

So, it’s a combination of RPA with various other technologies that make hyperautomation possible. Gartner states that RPA is experiencing a real revival and will be used more and more by companies. But what exactly is hyperautomation?


Hyperautomation refers to an approach in which companies quickly identify and automate as many business processes as possible. Different technological tools are used and combined.


Gartner expects that by 2022, some 80 percent of the RPA automotive industry will derive its value from complementary technologies. These include IBPMS, iPaaS and decision management tools.

The expectation is that by 2023 there will be a 30 percent increase in the use of RPA for front-office functions for Sales and Customer Experience. In addition, 50 percent of RPA scripts would be generated dynamically by 2023.

By 2024, companies should eventually be able to reduce costs by 30 percent by combining hyperautomation with redeveloped operational processes. In addition, many repetitive tasks have been automated by a RPA script, tasks that in many cases are now performed by people.

RPA market

According to Gartner, the RPA market is really picking up. The offer is being expanded, the number of suppliers is increasing and players are being taken over. When choosing an RPA supplier, it is important to look at both the short and long term. Ultimately, you want to be able to automate as many business processes as possible with one supplier. UiPath is currently the market leader in the market for RPA.

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