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Canonical launches the new Managed Apps service for customers. The parent company of Linux Ubuntu wants to simplify the management of cloud applications with this service. The new infrastructure should offer many benefits for both developers and end users.

Via Managed Apps, Canonical will initially offer the ten most commonly used open-source apps for Ubuntu. This will eliminate the need for companies to enter into separate contracts with different suppliers. All this can now be managed directly through Managed Apps.

At the launch of the new service, MySQL, InfluxDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL are supported. Open Source Mano, Kafka and ElasticSearch will also come to the service. These cloud databases can be deployed and managed via Managed Services.

Users need to be able to scale on demand for their customers, roll out security updates and monitor live. This management and maintenance is streamlined for DevOps teams. According to Canonical, this ensures a higher quality of service as many daily maintenance jobs are accelerated or eliminated altogether.