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Informatica has acquired Compact Solutions, which is the first acquisition under the lead of the new CEO of Informatica. Amit Walia took office in the first quarter of 2020.

“The acquisition strengthens Informatica’s current leadership in metadata-driven AI and automation and extends capabilities that enable Informatica customers to catalog and govern virtually all types of enterprise data, including complex enterprise systems (e.g. mainframe), multi-vendor ETL, hand-coded scripts, and BI tools, in addition to databases, applications, data warehouses and data lakes”.

The terms have remained private, however, the deal is important due to being Informatica’s first acquisition under the new CEO, Amit Walia, who took the seat in the first quarter of 2020.

More About Informatica

Founded in 1993, the company designs tools and enterprise software meant to make data management simpler and easier. Many Fortune 500 companies are known to use Informatica’s tools. The company was on the Nasdaq until it turned private in 2015 when Permira and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board decided to take it off the stock exchange for $5.3 billion.

How Does it Help the Company

“Using Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog with the advanced metadata connectivity from Compact Solutions accelerates analytics, data governance, privacy and data warehouse modernization initiatives by understanding and prioritizing all data and how it should be processed and migrated”

Informatica intends to use Compact Solutions to improve data governance. Large businesses often find it difficult to keep a log of transactions and business details to stay compliant. Obtaining and managing such details can be a lengthy and tiring process that often requires manual work.

Informatica can use Compact Solutions’ MetaDex, a software designed to make this task easier. MetaDex has been proven to be a reliable tool capable of automatically extracting metadata details related to a file. With this tool, businesses will get answers to a variety of questions including the origin of a file, if it has been edited and how many times, etc.

According to the latest reports, Informatica is going to relaunch MetaDex under a new name – Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners. It’s available on the company’s app store called Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog platform.