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VMware has given its VMware Cloud on AWS service new functionality. This makes it easier for companies to migrate applications and run them on the hybrid cloud service.

VMware Cloud on AWS provides businesses with a hybrid cloud service that runs VMware’s software-based data center stack, including VMware’s NSX, vSphere and vSAN products, in the AWS public cloud environment. AWS provides the bare metal infrastructure for this. This enables VMware on AWS to deliver a consistent and secure infrastructure for both private and public cloud environments. Companies also gain access to all AWS services.

For companies, this hybrid cloud solution helps them manage their virtual machines (VMs) and makes it easier to manage the containers with the most important applications. This makes it possible to run the applications on any infrastructure. Key applications supported include SQL Server migrations, Oracle database migrations and SAP workloads.

New bare metal instance

With the newly released update, VMware on AWS offers a new bare metal instance type, i3and.metal. This instance is based on the second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This should provide users with almost half of the raw storage costs per gigabyte.

In addition, these processors reduce latency and NVME SSD capacity for applications that process large amounts of data. VMware indicates that these instances are well suited for storage-dense workloads, such as data center migrations and disaster recovery purposes.

SDDC update and MSP service

In the update, VMWare also introduces a two-host SDDC configuration. This configuration should reduce the initial costs of production environments. The newly released cluster provides a smaller minimum environment where production workloads can be developed. In concrete terms, this addition means that companies can start VMware Cloud on AWS at a lower upfront cost.

VMware also introduces a new multi-tenant cloud management service; VMware Cloud Director. This service allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to serve between five and ten times as many customers as before and at a lower cost.

Other Services

More support is also being added to VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. The additional support should make it easier to deploy, manage and scale container-based applications on VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid includes advanced networking solutions, a private container registry, and a variety of lifecycle management tools. This should enable customers to run and manage containers on both private and public cloud environments on a large scale.

VMware is also launching the VMware Transit Connect solution in a preview version. With this solution, customers can further expand their network options. The service is based on the AWS Transit Gateway and offers high bandwidth, low latency and resilient connectivity. The tool makes it easier to set up these features through automated provisioning, VMware concludes.

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