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Appian announces no-code integration with Automation Anywhere’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. The no-code integration enables the Center of Excellence (COE) of an Appian customer to manage Automation Anywhere’s digital workforce.

Appian Robotic Workforce Manager solution for Automation Anywhere‘s RPA platform delivers an enhanced customer experience and more effective business automation that speeds up business processes, reduces operational costs and reduces errors.

The Robotic Workforce Manager solution features a Control Center that provides data-driven insights into digital workforce activities. The Control Center tracks all bots and automated processes with analytics and dashboards. This enables centralized management of problems and exceptions concerning the digital workforce. Business users are also able to easily start and plan bots and workflows and assign the right tasks to the right employees.

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Automation Planner

The new Automation Planner provides a central overview for managing all task and process automation operations. The planner collects and prioritizes automation requests from across the enterprise and manages all activities from request to completion. The Automation Planner analyzes bots and workflows and provides AI recommendations to improve automation within the enterprise.

RPA is a vital component of the modern workforce, delivering speed and accuracy that humans can’t match. But, RPA’s value is diminished when it is treated as a silo separate from the rest of the workforce,” said Malcolm Ross, Deputy CTO at Appian. “Our integration with Automation Anywhere is about making it easy for our joint customers to scale and manage their digital workforce alongside their human workforce.”

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