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Microsoft has released a new update to its PowerShell scripting language used in cross-platform functions. The latest version is PowerShell 7.1. Preview 6, a framework that is one step closer to Release Candidate.

A release candidate is expected to arrive beginning of September. There is going to be production support from that point on. However, while we wait, the preview is going to be available.

Some significant changes and some usual changes

By default, experimental features are enabled, but that will change when the first RC is made available to users. One of the significant tweaks made is the switch from FromUnixTime to UnixTimeSeconds for the useful get-date cmdlet.

Also native support is added for stdin, stdout and stderr. With these functions you can send input to a native command and retrieve the output or error.

Those who look at automation scripts like they are not that important, would do well to remember that this is a preview code. Some of the new features you are most likely to encounter when working with include the usual round of fixes and upgrades.

It’s doing well

Steve Lee, the principal software engineer on the PowerShell project, shared some statistics in addition to the experimental feature that assists in debugging.

The stats showed the platform’s usage from the public dashboard, with incredible numbers that watchers of the Windows operating system can only imagine.

Migrating from the PowerShell Core 6.2 to 7.0 is ongoing, according to the latest reports. If you don’t need to be on 6.2, then migrate, because they will end support for the older version soon. The new PowerShell 7.0 hit a record of being used more than 4.5 million startups.