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McAfee introduces new protection platform for cloud native apps

McAfee introduces new protection platform for cloud native apps

McAfee released new products and features during its MPOWER Digital virtual conference. The products and features are designed to enhance security services. Of the two announcements made, MVISION seems to be the biggest one.

It is a Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform designed to deliver data protection, governance, threat protection, and compliance for cloud-native app lifecycles.

The cybersecurity firm calls it the first truly integrated architecture users can deploy to protect their cloud-native apps ecosystem. MVISION CNAPP encompasses the full cloud-native app lifecycle, including OS-based and container workloads.

What’s new?

The service brings Cloud Security Posture Management for public cloud infrastructure and Cloud Workload Protection to protect workloads and hosts that include virtual machines, serverless functions, and containers.

MVISION CNAPP provides five significant capabilities. It has deep discovery capabilities that can find all cloud resources and prioritize them using a risk-based system.

A feature called ‘shift left’ protects against configuration drift and gives vulnerability assessment across virtual machines, serverless environments, and containers. These new products show that the times have changed in the cybersecurity industry.

McAfee’s features are next-gen

MVISION CNAPP gives the users the ability to build policy based on ‘zero trust’ with behavior observation to eliminate false positives and achieve scale based on ‘known good behavior.’ It is all supported by the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. SecOps can tap into the globally accessible knowledge base of attack tactics and techniques.

The new services give compliance support to automate security controls for continuous compliance and governance that ensures business can continue even when something drastic happens.

Another new feature is ‘remote browser isolation,’ which has a real-time protection stack. It comes with unified data loss prevention and incident management across the web, devices, the cloud, and networks.