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Microsoft has created a workshop for users who are still using SharePoint Workflow. These users are encouraged to switch to the new Power Automate platform.

In the course of the past year, Microsoft phased out the workflows in SharePoint 2010. The company has also announced that a similar fate awaits the workflow feature in SharePoint 2013. This decision was taken because Microsoft expects Power Automate to be at least as good a solution for SharePoint Workflow users.

To help customers with the migration, Microsoft has set up a workshop. Customers who are subscribed to Premier and Unified Support can attend this workshop free of charge. The workshop is not for the most basic users: Microsoft expects participants to have basic knowledge about Microsoft 365 and a fundamental understanding of Power Automate, with an already running environment. For users who do not yet have that level, Microsoft also offers other workshops to get up to speed.


Microsoft Power Automate is a tool that allows users to build business workflows. Over the past year, Microsoft has added RPA tools to automate repetitive tasks in desktop environments. The software is even able to track your behaviour and propose new workflows based on it.