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Microsoft Power Automate Desktop is now generally available. The low-code tool to automate workflows can scan the behaviour of users to come up with new proposals for automation.

Power Automate Desktop can automate various tasks on Windows computers, such as opening web pages and navigating to specific pages. Such workflows can be built in a low-code way by end-users.

Automatically detect workflows

A new feature in Power Automate Desktop is that the software can automatically detect which steps a user regularly goes through and create process maps based on these steps. The software then adds extra information to these maps like analyses of how often each step is carried out.

Based on this information, the software can propose new workflows. Users then don’t have to build out the workflows themselves, only check whether the ones the computer came up with are correct.

Low-code workflows popular

Many different companies have recently been building low-code tools to automate processes. In the past week, both SAP and Salesforce have released similar tools.

Tip: Microsoft will soon add RPA to Power Automation platform