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Amazon Web Services has announced that Python support in CodeGuru, its automated code review system, is production-ready, with a reduction in the price of up to 90%. When CodeGuru came out in late 2019, it was a bit of a disappointment.

It did not offer recommendations and the price was excessive, at $0.75 per 100 lines of code. Some would argue that some review systems with the capability to prevent bugs and security issues are worth that price and they would be right.

CodeGuru improved

Since then, AWS has made some improvements, including a preview of Python support (with Java) in December 2020. The company said that it analyzed large code corpuses and Python documentation to source obscure coding issues and trained the detectors to give best practice recommendations.

Python support is now generally available and AWS has said that it will extend the coverage to include more than 40 new rules and three new detectors, to make CodeGuru better at identifying issues.

The new detectors cover things like code maintainability, which AWS says can identify code complexities, and other things like resource leaks and input validation.

A justified price

The new detectors augment the existing ones that included; the correct use of AWS APIs, Python and Java best practices, concurrency issues, unnecessary duplicate code, common coding errors, and leak of sensitive information.

After revamping and enhancing the tool, AWS tacked the price tag issue. The new pricing model is a fixed monthly rate, determined by the total lines of code, across on-boarded repositories.

AWS will now charge $10 per month for the first 100,000 lines of code and then $30 for each additional 100,000 lines of code.