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Low-code specialist OutSystems has announced some components that are based on Amazon Web Services. It concerns several services that developers can add to their applications, called Cloud Accelerators.

In total, there are seven different Accelerators in areas that OutSystems considers crucial for digital transformation. These areas are the transformation of customer experience, workplace innovation, process optimisation and the modernisation of technology. Developers can use the elements for their own applications.

The new tools

The first Accelerator is Digital Identity Verification. This is a tool to verify the identity of users. Part of the possibilities here is face matching, where a photo or selfie can be compared with an official document such as a driving licence. The tool builds on Amazon Rekognition and Amazon S3. Then there is Video Call Validation, a tool for video call services that can verify the identity of a customer, among other things.

The Self Service Chatbot is an AI-driven chatbot that can answer basic customer questions and, if necessary, redirect customers to human support assistants. The tool uses Amazon Lex and Amazon Comprehend. Customer and Employee Engagement Virtual Personal Assistant allows developers to use voice assistants to reach their customers.

Two multilingual services are also available. The Multilangual Chatbot can handle any language, using Amazon Translation Services, Amazon Polly and Amazon Transcribe. Multilangual Video Interaction can provide real-time video interaction. It uses Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Translation Services and Amazon Transcribe.

Finally, OutSystems introduces the Personalized Streaming Experience. This tool helps to offer innovations in the workplace, such as when a new employee is onboarded. The tool uses Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.

Ready for the future

“OutSystems Cloud Accelerators are built upon our existing relationship with AWS to help every organization innovate through software,” said Patrick Jean, OutSystems CTO. “The past year has put tremendous stress on businesses and compounded decades-old software challenges, hastening the need for innovation. We’re launching these capabilities to provide developers across all company sizes and industries with an accelerated path to building modern cloud applications fast, right, and for future change.”

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