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Blue Prism has unveiled Version 7 at its World conference. With new features, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor wants to simplify the deployment of bots.

Blue Prism says it has re-architected its platform. This is to realise intelligent automation, meaning a further development of RPA. This form of automation also uses no code and AI components to be valuable to any business process. Blue Prism’s vision is to help organisations respond faster and work smarter, by bringing together the work of humans and software robots.

Operation and integration possibilities

To realise intelligent automation, Version 7 comes with simplified application and modelling capabilities. This should make the automatic scaling of an end-to-end digital workforce faster than before. The Control Room management console promises improved performance and fast data delivery. This Control Room is now also browser-based and provides real-time insight into software robots following the any device, anytime, anywhere idea. Administrators can view dashboards and data for valuable performance insights and to address issues immediately.

In addition, the new version comes with an enhanced API framework. It allows users to extend the capabilities of digital workers with AI, direct plug-ins into a wider ecosystem and integrate with other applications and technologies. It should make building complementary technology on Blue Prism easier, the company says.

Additional products

During the announcement, Blue Prism also talks about eight new products. Decipher, Interact and Capture are specifically mentioned. The first provides fast and accurate data (structured and semi-structured) extraction. Interact, in turn, should simplify customer communication. Finally, there is Capture, which generates the necessary components for a process definition document (PDD). According to Blue Prism, automation can be 25 percent faster this way.