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Python’s first beta version for the year is here and offers some cool features.

The point of the beta preview releases is to have communities test the bug fixes and features so that any issues can be reported and improved upon before the full-fledged release.

Python 3.10 Beta 2 preview

The Python 3.10.0 beta 2 version is now available for testing! This is the second out of a total of four beta previews that are planned to be released. The developers want people to keep in mind that these beta’s are not recommended to be used for production processes and are simply preview releases. The intention behind this is to get people to test the 3.10 series while the beta phase is going on so that the final release is successful and implements all necessary changes.

The developers’ goal is not to have any Application Binary Interface (ABI) change after the beta four preview release. Those who maintain third-party Python projects are urged to test the beta versions to report any issues encountered to the bug tracker for Python without any delay.

What new features are available in the 3.10.0 series?

There are several intended new significant features of Python 3.10 in comparison to the 3.9 series. Many features for the latest version are still being written and planned. Some of the main features that are being introduced are:

  • PEP 613 – Explicit Type Aliases
  • PEP 623 – Deprecate and prepare for the removal of the wstr member in PyUnicodeObject.
  • PEP 604 – Allow writing union types as X | Y
  • PEP 612 – Parameter Specification Variables
  • PEP 626 – Precise line numbers for debugging and other tools
  • PEP 618 – Add optional length-checking To zip
  • PEP 632 – Deprecate distutils module
  • PEP 644 – Require OpenSSL 1.1.1 or newer
  • PEP 624 – Remove Py UNICODE encoder APIs
  • PEP 634 – Structural Pattern Matching: Specification
  • PEP 636 – Structural Pattern Matching: Tutorial
  • PEP 597 – Add optional Encoding Warning

The next beta preview release for the Python 3.10 series, 3.10.0b3, is scheduled for the 17th of June, 2021.