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The company unveiled an additional baker’s dozen of free services available to developers.

Oracle announced this week that it has greatly expanded the the number of “Free Tier” services it offers to developers The company said that the move aimed to encourage more people to try out its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the company’s main infrastructure-as-a-service offering that provides computing resources such as servers, storage, networking and applications from its global network of data centers. The service aims to compete with such providers as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

“Try before you buy” – promoting the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure through Free Service offerings

Joby Menon, Sr. Director Product Management for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier, detailed the new services in a blog post. “We’re excited to announce the addition of 13 more Always Free services to Oracle Cloud Free Tier,” he writes. The new offering will enable developers and operators to “learn, kick the tires, and deploy workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI),” he adds.

The newest Always Free services include Ampere A1 Compute, Autonomous JSON Database, NoSQL, APEX Application Development, Logging, and Service Connector Hub. They also feature Application Performance Monitoring (APM), flexible load balancer, flexible network load balancer, VPN Connect V2.

The new features also address security, with Oracle Security Zones, Oracle Security Advisor, and OCI Bastion. Menon writes that the new offering places Oracle’s Always Free portfolio of services and resources “among the most generous in the industry.”

Oracle’s 13 new Always Free services complement the existing Always Free offering, according to Menon. Those existing services include Compute virtual machines (VM), Object Storage, Block Storage, Load Balancing, Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Autonomous Transaction Processing service.

For example, users can now deploy a low-code APEX app, build a WordPress website, or deploy a Minecraft server on OCI, all free of charge for an unlimited time.

“Our Always Free services can also help you learn about the primitives and capabilities of OCI that you can scale with a paid OCI account in the future,” Menon states. “All OCI Always Free services and resources are available to you with an active Oracle Cloud account.”