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JetBrains Academy launched Kotlin Basics, an introductory free program for the popular Android apps language. The program aims to teach interested students the language to apply in devs and other pertinent projects.

In the Kotlin Basics program, students will get an introduction to the language syntax, concepts, and libraries. They will also learn how to do object-oriented programming.

Students will also familiarize themselves with tools like Kotlin libraries, Java and learn how to leverage the file system for devs. The course is more expansive than just providing resources and will have some level of interaction.

The Kotlin Basics program

During the program, the students can ask questions, interact, and learn alongside other participants. They can also look at the solutions other students post, learn from them, and enhance each other’s skills as they progress towards solutions.

JetBrains stated in a post that Kotlin Basics has ten real-world projects with different levels of proficiency, over 120 education topics, and 300+ coding challenges.

With it, learners will be able to use all the features of the JetBrains Academy platform while learning the Android language.

Enticing developers to learn Kotlin

The lessons follow a progressive nature from simple to more complex topics. The topics are presented as a personalized study plan divided into several stages to expand what a learner knows about Kotlin without being overwhelming.

JetBrains Academy, where the course resides, is traditionally a paid service that offers Kotlin, Python, JavaScript, and Java, with limited free trials of JavaScript front end and Kotlin courses provided.

The new free course will be the precursor to the comprehensive Kotlin Developer course, which JetBrains says will take students about ten weeks to complete if they study for five hours a week.