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Palo Alto Network released a list of the new Prisma Cloud features. The latest improvements prioritize security for virtual machines on Azure and Google Cloud. In addition, the tool utilizes machine learning to conduct inspections of processes, data systems, and networking activity before its implementation.

What is Prisma Cloud?

Palo Alto launched Prisma Cloud by combining various technologies, including RedLock, PureSec, and more. Prisma Cloud is a system that assists developers with identifying and blocking any susceptibilities during the application development and implementation processes. This tool functions by discovering potential security threats and breach prevention equipment, which essentially helps the relevant personnel divert incoming hazards.

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Security features improved by the update

With the latest security features update, developers would be able to access container image sandboxing. As organizations continue to collect images from unreliable sources, container security has become a widespread issue. As a result, containers pose a threat to developers, as they comprise elements for applications that can run at any location.

With Prisma Cloud’s sandboxing feature, third-party images can be run in isolated environments. This would assist developers in identifying potential threats. The update uses machine learning technology to inspect all files, systems, and networking activities. The developers would also be granted access to all image elements before placing them in a live environment.

Other features improved by the update

The update rolled out auto-protection and auto-detection functions to reduce workload, which would assist developers with the configuration and deployment processes.

The company also promised extended web application and API (application programming interface security) and Windows and service meshes support.

Red Hat availability

Palo Alto also announced that its certified vulnerability scanner tool, is now featured in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. Palo Alto Network’s announcement covered app-embedded defender forensics, along with a series of other improvements in Prisma Cloud’s system.