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The Linux Foundation has launched two new open source initiatives, NetxArch Foundation and Project OpenBytes. These initiatives focus on greater convergence between various microservices developments and collaboration on open standards and formats for AI datasets.

According to the Linux Foundation, the upcoming NextArch Foundation is intended to serve as an environment where open source developers can build new architectures to support compatibility among many types of microservices. Developments can be the building blocks for cloud-native computing, AI, IoT, quantum computing, edge computing and various other technologies.

The collaboration should, among other things, deliver ‘infrastructure abstraction’, providing developers with easier ways to automate their development work, operations and project processes. More independence for developers is the primary goal. Additionally, the collaboration should provide easy and cost-effective tooling for companies to sell their products.


The partnership intends to promote open source software and cloud-native projects for modern applications, blockchain, distributed edge/IoT applications and solutions, compute/storage/network solutions, and AI/ML accelerators. By now, about 40 parties have committed to the initiative.

Project OpenBytes

Furthermore, open source initiative Project OpenBytes was announced, initiated by Graviti Technologies and the Linux Foundation. Project OpenBytes will focus on making AI datasets more available via open source. In particular, this involves creating open standards and formats, which should ultimately guarantee high-quality data usable for AI solutions and applications.

The initiative also aims to develop regulations that better govern the ownership of AI datasets. Sharing AI datasets can be a tricky business because vendors of datasets are often unsure of how others use them due to licensing issues.

With the development of open source data standards and formats, organizations ranging from academic institutions to companies will soon be able to benefit, or so it is hoped.