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GTT Communications announces the upcoming availability of a SASE platform. GTT’s existing IP network provides the network base. Prisma Access, a CASB service from Palo Alto Networks, contributes security.

GTT owns a global IP network with more than 600 PoPs (Point of Presence). Through the network, the organization provides SD-WAN services to large corporations and governments. Service providers such as Verizon, AT&T and Cato Networks have a similar foundation. Traffic is driven by software (Software-defined) over a large-scale network (Wide Area Network).

Every SD-WAN service provider has been dealing with a significant change since 2019. In this year, Gartner predicted the emergence of SASE, short for secure access service edge. The term encompasses an approach where cloud security software is integrated into a SD-WAN service.

Examples of such security software include Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) and Firewalls as a Service (FWaas). Despite the two software categories having been readily available since the early years of SD-WAN, providers have only started regularly offering them as an integral part of SD-WAN services in recent months.

Therefore, Gartner’s prediction was correct. Most major SD-WAN service providers now offer or are about to offer a SASE service. GTT belongs to the latter group. The organization went public with a confirmation of an upcoming SASE platform.

The details

The exact moment of availability is unknown at this time. However, we do know that Palo Alto Networks is involved in the security aspect of the service. GTT reports that Prisma Access, a CASB service from Palo Alto Networks, is one of the platform’s security pillars. We explored the technology in detail in this article.

Once launched, GTT’s SASE platform promises a more secure network base for SD-WAN users who currently make do without a comprehensive security stack. Users who do have the latter will find an easier path to the same goal.