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Google expands its infrastructure into Asia-Pacific and Europe

Google expands its infrastructure into Asia-Pacific and Europe

Google Cloud Platform is a public cloud vendor that lets you rent computer resources from Google’s data centers across the world. You can access these for free or on an hourly basis with other competitors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure!

Google Cloud Platform is helping businesses digitally transform, innovate and, drive operational efficiencies for long-term growth. Thanks to their vast network, they provide high-performance, low latency services worldwide in more than 200 countries & territories!

In 2021, they also opened new regions in Poland and India. Other than that, they are expanding to Melbourne next year before finally returning to Toronto!

Furthermore, for enhanced accessibility and connectivity, they have commenced operations in four new locations.

Google Cloud’s extended reach in multiple regions

The company’s Santiago-based cloud is now up and running and ready to cater to South American customers. This move marks their entry into Chile and a location close to Sao Paulo.

Google’s new cloud in Israel will be located near Tel Aviv, which will help different businesses with seamless cloud accessibility. Currently, Israeli companies such as BreezoMeter, Haaretz, PayBox, or Wix already use Google services, and this new entry will help them establish better stronger connections.

Google’s other cloud region to be launched is in Germany and would be located just outside of Berlin-Brandenburg. An excellent initiative, considering the number of companies looking for innovative solutions in the area. For instance, BMG is always looking for solutions to streamline its processes.

In Saudi Arabia, the city of Dammam has been picked as the perfect location to lay a Cloud-based infrastructure. The foundation will be laid right outside King Khalid International Airport, making meeting customer demands simple since travelers have never had it more manageable when coming here from around the globe.

Next year, Google will be adding three more cloud regions in Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas, Texas. These new US locations provide customers with access to the capacity they need for mission-critical services at low latencies — making it easier than ever before!

All in All

Google’s latest endeavors in the cloud industry mean that they will provide cutting-edge services for everyone.

As Google Cloud expands worldwide, their commitment towards sustainability continues, with new regions coming soon!