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The new platform is Linux’s digital toolkit that promises to find and fix insensitive language and provide insights into code.

Linux believes that the LFX platform is a good investment with the numbers to back it. So it’s no wonder that they recently reported spending over $180 million on the platform that promises to enhance security, provide insights and remove any racial or gender insensitive language within their code.

Reports show that Linux has grown its membership by 280% and forecasts an income of $177 million this year.

What is the LFX Platform?

The LFX platform is a management and analytical tool that allows organizations to gain meaningful insights on their projects regarding security and health. However, performing this task without mandating specific platforms or tools is a struggle. This process is done through hundreds of connectors that transfer data through various sources.

The project is not 100% complete, and there are still a few things that developers are finalizing. However, the Linux Foundation has made it available globally for customers to get a feel of what the platform is all about. The downloadable will be extensible, and the full release will happen in the first quarter of 2022.

LFX functionalities

The LFX platform can be considered as a digital toolkit, and it offers the following functionalities:

  1. Security tools that include static analysis
  2. Project Control Center which allows project automation
  3. Assesses the health of the project
  4. Bring all contributors under a single platform for better collaboration

The LFX platform is yet to be fully released, but the speculations show that this platform will be helping several organizations with their project management and security. However, we will have to wait till the first quarter of 2022 to see if the platform truly offers what promises.