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‘Python most in-demand programming language of 2022’

‘Python most in-demand programming language of 2022’

Python specialists will be the most in-demand developers in 2022. That’s what CodingNomads concludes based on research into job openings in the United States and Europe.

According to online training platform CodingNomads, Python developers are the highest in demand in the United States. Java and JavaScript developers follow closely.

In Europe, Java developers are the highest in demand. According to the researches, interest in programmers for C, C++ and C# has diminished.

The high demand for Python developers is a result of the programming language’s characteristics. Python is easy to learn for a language of its capabilities. Practical appliances — such as data science, AI and machine learning — are booming. CodingNomads indicates that Python will take the throne again in 2022.

Number 1 position TIOBE Index

The TIOBE Index is a measure of the popularity of programming languages. The most recent edition of the TIOBE Index confirms Python’s popularity. Despite being in third place a year ago, Python took the number one position from C.

C remains second. Java is in third. C++ finished fourth and C# finished fifth. Visual Basic and JavaScript were ranked sixth and seventh. Finally, Apple’s Swift was preceded by Assembly language (8th) and SQL (9th), coming in at number ten.