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ReactOS, an open-source clone of Windows, releases version 0.4.14. Small improvements were made across the board.

ReactOS is a free, open-source operating system that more or less copies the old Windows NT core system. The open-source operating system is capable of running other applications, games and drivers developed for Windows.

Maintenance version

Version 0.4.14 presents itself as a maintenance version. Among other things, the OS now supports ‘Send To’ in the shell. This functionality has been available within Windows since Windows 2000. It allows files to be sent to applications quickly. For example, to create a new email with a file as an attachment.

Also, ReactOS now offers for ‘Open file’ and ‘Open command prompt here’ functions in the menu of a right mouse click on a file or directory. Furthermore, the release introduces compatibility for Windows software with a DLL update from the Wine project. Additionally, booting of NEC PC-9800 computers is now supported.

Other updates

Other improvements concern the kernel, OS’s Internet Control Message Protocol, plug & play, runtime execution for software written in C, bootloader, on-screen keyboard and fonts.

Lastly, the new version should make the OS run a little easier. ReactOS was reduced in size and should use less memory.

The new release 0.4.14 of ReactOS is now available for download.