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Snyk is expanding. The wildly popular security organization acquired Fugue. Fugue’s platform ensures compliance in every step of the DevOps lifecycle. Fugue’s technology will be integrated into Snyk’s offerings.

According to Snyk, security shouldn’t be an afterthought. Its software guides developers through the development process with security tips and checks.

Should you ever find yourself considering a new library for the next development project, Snyk knows exactly how that library is put together, and thereby advises on possible risks and solutions. The same goes for container images and Kubernetes management.

The method is appreciated. Applications can be safely developed in one go, removing the need to call on security specialists in a later stage. Snyk has managed to generate a market value of more than seven billion euros since its inception (2015).

Recently, Snyk announced the acquisition of Fugue. The organizations’ goals align. Fugue’s technology ensures that DevOps teams adhere to policies in every step of the deployment and development process. With the acquisition, Snyk removes a competitor — and gains a platform.

What does Fugue mean for Snyk?

Currently, Fugue’s services are still offered by Fugue. Snyk confirms that Fugue’s technology will be integrated into the Snyk Developer Security Platform shortly.

We expect Snyk to use the acquisition to develop new services similar to the formula that made Snyk great: security guidance, but instead of being limited to development, applicable to deployments as well.

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