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DevOps platform organization “Circle Internet Services” announced it had acquired “Ponicode SAS,” a company from Paris with an AI-driven testing platform, to minimize coding errors.

The company – CircleCI – provides a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform to implement DevOps practices.

It combines information technology and software development teams to enhance overall software lifecycles. It does this by automating manual, monotonous tasks to provide insights into new issues.

“Ponicode opens up a new avenue for CircleCI to connect with developers and drive new value for our customers. The team has spent years developing an AI engine for analyzing source code with the goal to help individual developers develop better code,” Jean-Philippe Leblanc, senior VP of engineering at CircleCI told SiliconANGLE in an email. “Ponicode’s ethos around improving the lives of developers and getting to production faster aligns perfectly with our mission and will help CircleCI manage change so software teams can innovate faster. This is critical as more organizations look to ‘shift left’ or move work closer to the design and development phase earlier in the process.”

How will this benefit coders

Via merging Ponicode’s AI-powered tools with the DevOps platform, developers can easily author tests, detect faults, and examine code quality before shipping to production. Ponicode’s capacities integrate with the tools and environments that developers utilize, like code editors.

This allows CircleCI to widen services with code coverage and unit testing to developers using AI-driven logic for preparing tests depending on coding standards. As a result, coders won’t have to write tests and uncover and fix bugs before submitting.

With Ponicode, unit tests (can be tedious) are simple affairs and require pasting a subroutine, method, or function into the tool and pushing a button. In addition, the Ponicode tool offers advanced features like test scoring, automatic analysis (issue discovery), and cutting-edge insights into coding.  

The acquisition of Ponicode will extend the reach of CircleCI to France and forces it to recruit more data scientists and software engineers interested in creating AI-driven testing programs.