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Apple’s App Store cleans up outdated apps

Apple’s App Store cleans up outdated apps

Apple is freeing the App Store from outdated apps. An internal e-mail indicates that Apple seeks to remove apps that are no longer receiving updates.

Tech website The Verge acquired an internal email warning that outdated applications will be removed shortly. Reportedly, developers are given 30 days to update their apps. Failing to do so results in the app’s removal. Apps remain usable on end users’ devices, regardless of their App Store status.

Apple has since posted the notice on the App Store Improvements web page. Since 2016, a policy has dictated that outdated apps will be removed from the App Store over time. The new rule shortens the time span to 30 days between updates.

Developers dissatisfied

Apple’s announcement is not received well. Numerous developers find that Apple has given notice far too late, making it impossible to timely update apps. As a result, many developers have pre-emptively removed their apps from the App Store.

Google Play cleans up its act

In a similar vein, Google recently announced that outdated apps will shortly be removed from the Play Store. The rule applies to apps with an API level dating two years from the latest major Android release. Developers were given until 1 November 2022 to modify their apps. Those who can’t meet the deadline are able to request an extension of six months.

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