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With Ardanis’s newly acquired office in Portugal, they hope their expansion can boost their international growth strategy. They are confident of their developments as they are willing to increase their team with 70 more members by 2023.

What is Ardanis and what they do

Ardanis is a Tech company founded in 2016 based in Dublin, Ireland. It provides software solutions to various industries, including IT technology, E-commerce, health care, finance and many others; its notable clients are Payzone, Insurwave, and Auxilion.

Currently, they have 42 employees in their London and Dublin offices; however, they aim to create 30 new employments due to their €2M investment.

Why did Ardanis choose Portugal

Ardanis chose Portugal because they believe the country has massive growth in the Tech ecosystem compared to other countries in Europe. Ardanis stated that Portugal is ideal for their firm’s strategy to support international growth by developing new software products and services to create next-generation digital solutions.

Ivan Goor (CEO of Ardanis group) praised Portugal’s tech talent to make the country an ideal place to expand its international growth vision. The firms also aim to provide a comfortable working life to its employee by offering them hybrid and remote working models.

What are the aims of expansion

The primary purpose of Ardanis is to increase its international growth. The expansion is not limited to acquiring a new office. The firm aims to hire 30 new employees at the end of 2023, including software, DevOps and QA developers, and many other employment opportunities.  

Andre Gravato is all set to lead as head of technology at the Portugal office. He is a former employee of Oakam and has experience of more than 15 years in the tech industry. Ardanis won the SaaS Solution of the Year Award at Europe Channel Award held in London in 2022. Their work with Future Planet’s Sustainability platform played a significant role in getting them the award.

Ardanis stated, “The award is testament to our hard-working, innovative team dedicated to ensuring excellence in customer experience and without whom this award would not have been possible.”