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The new Community Grants Program provides Rust developers with financial support for projects that benefit the programming language.

The Rust Foundation hopes to stimulate the development of apps that showcase Rust’s potential. The new grant program is supported by major tech companies, including AWS, Google, Meta, Mozilla and Huawei.

First grants awarded

In total, the Rust Foundation received more than 60 grant applications. The first grants have been awarded to 20 Rust Foundation Fellows developers and 20 standalone projects that focus on the Rust ecosystem. The recipients span 15 different countries. About 35 percent are located outside the United States en Western Europe.

The Rust Fellowship grant recognizes individuals that have contributed to the programming language for a long time. Recipients are given a one-year sponsorship to contribute to significant Rust developments. They also receive a monthly stipend, training, networking opportunities and the means to attend Rust events. Associate Fellowship grants are awarded to developers that wish to develop their skills and become key representatives of Rust.

Aside from developers, the Rust Foundation is sponsoring entire projects to expand the Rust community in China, produce written content like documentation and improve communications within the community.

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