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Traefik Labs integrated its open-source proxy connection software with Nomad, an open-source orchestration platform by HashiCorp. The combination simplifies small-scale container deployments.

The integration focuses on companies that deploy and manage small numbers of containers. The combination of Traefik Labs and HashiCorp Nomad allows companies to automate the ingress of third-party tools in container environments.


Traefik Labs’ software offers a load balancer, orchestrator ingress, east-west traffic and an API gateway. Furthermore, the software features service discovery, dynamic configuration, rate limiting, circuit breakers, mirroring, authentication and routing automation.

By linking the functionality to HashiCorp Nomad, smaller companies can benefit from the possibilities of containers. For some, the platform is easier to use than Kubernetes, allowing companies with relatively little expertise to get started with container ochrestration.

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