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Low-code Thinkwise Platform 2022.2 is now available

Low-code Thinkwise Platform 2022.2 is now available

Thinkwise launched Thinkwise Platform 2022.2, the latest version of its low-code development platform for business-critical apps.

Low-code platforms allow organizations to quickly train staff in developing and updating apps. Some view low-code as a solution to developer shortages. Thinkwise’s technology is relatively user-friendly, especially when compared to programming languages and IDEs. The solution is popular among Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

The platform receives two to three major updates per year. Version 2022.2 is now available. In addition to a number of accessibility features, the release focuses on performance and security, which we’ll cover down the line.


First of all, the new version includes OpenID provisioning. OpenID is an authentication standard. Users with an OpenID account can log in to any application that supports the standard. It’s been possible to support OpenID in Thinkwise applications for some time. From now on, end users can also create a new OpenID account within Thinkwise applications.

The second update improves translations. Previous platform versions translate the text of applications into the language specified by end users during registration. From now on, Thinkwise applications can base the language on users’ browser preferences, meaning landing pages and login screens are translated as well. Furthermore, times are now automatically converted to the time zones of end users.

Thirdly, the release makes it possible to add files to process flows. Process flows are automatic events in applications. A flow consists of a condition and an action. For example: ‘user clicks on X’ (condition) followed by ‘file Y is downloaded’ (action). The new release simplifies the process of adding files.

Security and performance

On the security side, the release offers new encryption options. Data in transit and data at rest have been encrypted for some time. It’s now possible to encrypt background processes as well, including third-party services.

According to Thinkwise, the software generation process was sped up. While the organization didn’t disclose any figures, it claims that system loads decreased, improving large project performance in particular.


26 percent of all updates are the result of user feedback. Every Thinkwise customer gets access to the Thinkwise Community, an online environment for documentation and feedback. Anyone is welcome to share ideas and suggestions. Fellow users can vote on ideas. Ideas with the most votes have a chance of being included in the first-next release. More than a quarter of the updates in 2022.2 started with an idea in the Thinkwise Community.

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