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Canonical, known for Ubuntu, recently released Multipass 1.10, a lightweight management tool for VMs. Canonical also made its Ubuntu Confidential VMs (CVMs) tool generally available on Microsoft Azure.

Multipass allows developers to simulate cloud deployments on workstations running Ubuntu. Developers can use the tool to test platforms and hypervisors such as KVM on Linux, HyperKit on macOS and Hyper-V on Windows.


The latest update allows users to adjust RAM usage, disk space and the CPU core of VMs on existing instances. Additionally, Windows users can now boot Gen2 VMs via Hyper-V replete with UEFI firmware support and secure boot. Furthermore, ‘multipass launch’ commands allow mounts to be specified prior to a launch. URLs are accepted in the case of a cloud-init option.

Users of macOS should be careful, Canonical said. Multipass 1.10 is the last version to work on macOS Mojave. As of version 1.11, the minimum requirement is macOS Catalina or later.

Ubuntu Confidential VMs (CVMs) on Azure

Canonical also announced that Ubuntu Confidential VMs (CVMs) are now generally available on Microsoft Azure. The technology is part of the Microsoft Azure DCasv5/ECasv5 instance series. This series runs on AMD processors and features Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP).

Tip: Canonical will extend support for older Ubuntu LTS versions