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Microsoft fixes VM issues from Windows Server 2022 update

Microsoft fixes VM issues from Windows Server 2022 update

Microsoft has fixed a number of problems such as blue screens and boot errors for Windows Server 2022 VMs hosted on VMware ESXi servers in the latest Patch Tuesday Update. The problems had occurred after the most recent update for Windows Server 2022.

Several issues arose after October’s latest cumulative update KB5031364 for Windows Server 2022, especially for VMs hosted on VMware ESXi servers. These included the appearance of blue screens and boot processes not working.


The tech giant quickly recognized the issues and indicated that these problems were limited to guest VMs on VMware ESXi servers with specifically physical AMD EPYC processors. In addition, these should have the “Expose IOMMU to guest OS” VMware option enabled. Furthermore, the Virtualization Based Security and System Guard Secure Launch options should also be enabled in Windows Server 2022.

New update fixes problem

Microsoft recently released fixes for these problems in the November 2023 Patch Tuesday update with the new KB5032198 Windows Server 2022 cumulative update.

In addition to the fix for the blue screen problem, the tech giant has also developed a workaround for administrators who cannot implement the latest update right away. If all else fails, they can eventually uninstall the bad KB5031364 update as well.

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