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Microsoft will keep Windows Server 2012 alive for another three years with security updates

Microsoft will keep Windows Server 2012 alive for another three years with security updates

Microsoft is giving Windows Server 2012/R2 users more time to upgrade. The tech giant is now offering three more years of security updates, moving the end date to 2026. Customers can access these so-called Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for products that have now reached their end-of-line status for a fee.

On Oct. 10 of this year, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server R2 or Windows Embedded Server 2012 R2 on Azure reached their end-of-life status. This includes offerings for customers who have acquired these products through Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub and other Azure products, according to Microsoft. This is in accordance with the tech giant’s 10-year support policy. Customers who have not had time to migrate to a newer version before this date would lose all support, including security updates, as a result.

Microsoft is now accommodating these customers by extending the availability of critical security updates for three years , making the end date from now on October 2026. This should give them sufficient time to migrate after all, is the underlying idea.


The security updates will be made available via Extended Security Updates (ESUs). Customers do have to pay for these. The ESUs are available through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

Interested customers have been able to purchase the ESUs up to three consecutive annual options since Oct. 10. This will provide them with ESUs from a maximum of Nov. 14, 2023, to Oct. 13, 2026, and keep their Windows Server 2012/R2 installations protected. Partial periods, such as six months of support, aren’t on offer.

Despite the availability of these extra-long ESUs for Windows Server 2012/R2, Microsoft advises customers with these products to update as soon as possible.

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