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Citrix introduces development stream for Cloud Hypervisor

Citrix introduces development stream for Cloud Hypervisor

Citrix released a new development stream for Citrix Hypervisor 8 Cloud. Citrix combined the stream with the Hypervisor Management service for better hypervisor management.

Citrix views hybrid working and hybrid cloud environments as the future. The hypervisor used to manage these environments must be adapted accordingly.

The introduction of Citrix Hypervisor 8 Cloud is the next step for Citrix Hypervisor. However, the solution won’t be replacing Long Term Service (LTS) Citrix hypervisor releases anytime soon.

Hypervisor and management service

Citrix Hypervisor 8 Cloud provides a cloud-based hypervisor and management service. As a result, customers with on-premises hosts of Citrix virtual solutions don’t have to download and install new functionality. The stream handles rapid and frequent enhancements while the attached cloud service ensures they’re delivered to users.

Software releases become more efficient, and customers get quicker access to the latest functionality. This allows administrators to save time and keep end users productive, Citrix notes.


Citrix Hypervisor licensees with active Customer Success Services can use the preview immediately. The licenses are available individually or as part of any edition of Citrix DaaS and Virtual Apps and Desktops. Users must also have a Citrix Cloud account.

Tip: Security is key to Citrix Workspace and hybrid working