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Microsoft makes Dev Box virtual workstation available to testers

Microsoft makes Dev Box virtual workstation available to testers

Microsoft launched a public preview of Dev Box. The solution provides developers with on-demand, high-performance, secure and cloud-based workstations.

The development tool should help developers focus on writing the code they master, instead of wasting energy on finding a suitable work environment for hosting and running code.

Dev Boxes are cloud-based virtual workstations preconfigured for programming. Dev Boxes have all the necessary tools for a development environment, allowing developers to get started right away.

Developers can create their own Dev Boxes to switch between different projects, experiment with proof-of-concepts or start a full build in the background. To do so, users need to log into the Azure portal and navigate to an existing Dev Box or configure a new Dev Box.



Dev Boxes support cross-platform app development using Windows Subsystem for Linux and Windows Subsystem for Android. Administrators can set up access policies to monitor access to Dev Boxes and ensure that only authorized users gain entry. They can also guarantee the quality of Dev Boxes with updates and zero-day patches.


The preview providers users with 15 hours of free access to Dev Box with 8vCPU and 32GB of Memory SKU. The Dev Box Storage SSD 512GB SKU is free for the first 365 hours.