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GitHub launches business version of Github Copilot

GitHub launches business version of Github Copilot

GitHub recently announced a business version of its Copilot AI tool, providing better support for large teams. In addition, the Microsoft subsidiary released a series of portfolio-wide updates.

GitHub Copilot, which was recently accused of software piracy, is getting a business version. Until now, the tool has only been available to individual developers.

GitHub wants to enable larger teams to use Copilot for application development processes. This should increase the speed of development projects and improve developer productivity.

The GitHub Copilot for Business service will be available shortly. Customers can purchase and manage licenses on a per-seat basis. Due to the high interest, companies have to sign up for a waiting list to get access.


GitHub Copilot

Furthermore, GitHub Copilot was updated with voice activation. Like Google’s personal assistant and Apple’s Siri, users can start Copilot with the voice command ‘Hey GitHub’. This should make the service more appealing to users who do not want or cannot use a keyboard. This feature is gated behind a waiting list as well.

Other updates

In addition to the business version and voice activation, GitHub released a series of updates to various tools. For example, the Visual Studio-inspired GitHub Codespaces editor is now generally available. The editor can be launched directly from GitHub. Users get 60 hours a month of free use. Extra hours require a paid subscription.

Furthermore, the GitHub platform’s code search and presentation capabilities will be improved. This should help developers navigate the platform. Users will soon be able to test out a new search engine and interface that provide easier access to code repositories. The update includes intelligent suggestions that complete search queries automatically.

GitHub Project and Enterprise v3.7

Furthermore, GitHub introduced roadmap and tasklist updates for GitHub Projects. Private vulnerability reporting was launched as a beta release. The latter allows developers to check code for bugs and apply appropriate fixes.

Finally, GitHub announced version 3.7 of GitHub Enterprise. The enterprise platform received more than 70 updates, including modifications to the underlying GitHub Actions CI/CD platform.

Tip: Developers sue GitHub Copilot for software piracy