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The latest Nutanix Cloud Platform update improves support for container management solutions, Infrastructure as Code and software-defined container storage.

Gartner predicts that 25 percent of all enterprise applications will run in containers by 2027, up from 10 percent in 2021. The popularity of container management solutions is growing, including SUSE Rancher, Amazon EKS and Red Hat OpenShift.

Nutanix’s software allows users to deploy various workloads on various systems, from on-premises to the public cloud. The goal is a centralized environment for all types of workloads and infrastructure. The organization has to continuously support emerging technologies to make it happen.

The most recent Nutanix Cloud Platform update focuses on container management solutions. In addition, the organization improved support for Infrastructure as Code and software-defined container storage.

Nutanix Cloud Platform for Kubernetes

First of all, the Nutanix Cloud Platform now supports Amazon EKS-A (Elastic Kubernetes Service Anywhere). With that, the platform supports most of the popular container management solutions, including Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher, Google Anthos and Microsoft Azure Arc.

Second, the organization announced a series of new management APIs. Nutanix designed the APIs to offer a consistent management method for workloads in on-prem datacenters, public clouds and edge environments. According to the organization, users can manage infrastructure with code by combining the APIs with Ansible Certified Content or Nutanix Terraform. The release date is unknown.

Third, the Nutanix Database Service Operator for Kubernetes is now available. The solution allows developers to quickly and easily add databases to application stacks within a development environment. You can download the open-source software for free on GitHub and artifacthub.io.

Lastly, Nutanix Objects now supports a reference implementation of the Container Object Storage Interface (COSI). Organizations use Nutanix Objects for software-defined object storage. The reference implementation of COSI helps deploy and manage container storage. In addition to COSI, Nutanix added support for observability solution Prometheus.

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