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ASML is opening an office in Den Bosch, in the south of the Netherlands, a regional newspaper reports. It will offer a place to work for hundreds of people.

The new office is intended for employees from the region of the Noord-Brabant (one of the provinces of the Netherlands) capital who want to work in an office environment, but do not want to travel to the headquarters in Veldhoven every day to do so.

According to ASML, this office should offer an alternative to working from home. Meeting rooms and individual workstations will also be realized within the office. In addition, ASML employees will have access to 70 parking spaces in the parking garage.

Central location

The Den Bosch location was chosen because of its central location. Many of the chip machine manufacturer’s employees live nearby. For those coming from further away, this location close to a major railway station was deliberately chosen. This is to encourage employees to come by bicycle or public transportation.

For the time being, the new office in Den Bosch is an experiment that will last several years. Should it succeed, the location will be expanded further or a new location will be chosen.

No alternative to headquarters

ASML has been growing rapidly in recent years due to the enormous demand for chips. In total, the company now has 20,000 employees and by 2030 it will probably have 35,000.

In and near the main location in Veldhoven, the company is reaching various limits in terms of growth. There’s the issue of finding the right employees, but also space limitations. The ASML campus in Veldhoven is already very large. Another thing to keep in mind is the strain of the traffic linked to ASML on the roads in and around Veldhoven.

The new location in Den Bosch will not solve these capacity problems. That is, ASML will continue to concentrate its activities in and around Veldhoven. The company therefore continues to work hard on mobility around its headquarters.

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