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ASML suppliers may be planning to set up production sites in Asian countries other than China.

That is what Reuters writes based on sources and documents from the Brabant Development Company and Brainport. Reuters states that the opening of sites elsewhere in the Asian region may be part of a long-term strategy of seeking less and less dependence on China.

Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore

About 12 of ASML’s supplier companies are reportedly about to visit Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. The trip is being organized by the Brabant Development Company and tech representative Brainport.

Especially the first two countries are said to be of great interest. This is partly because several of the interested companies already have facilities there.

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Participants would include ASML suppliers such as circuit manufacturer Neways, fine mechanical tools specialist NTS Group, production and assembly player Bestronics, high-tech machine manufacturer AAE, plastics production company BKB Precision, chip packaging specialist HQ Group, high-tech parts and modules manufacturer KMWE, processor manufacturer Sempro Technologies, high-tech player Sioux Technologies and high-tech manufacturer VDL ETG.

In a reaction, several companies indicated that for the time being they are not thinking of expanding their capacity to the countries mentioned or further increase the capacity already present there. Other companies did not comment.

No reaction ASML

The expansion of Dutch suppliers of ASML to countries in Southeast Asia other than China is a logical thought. Especially now that the Dutch government, under alleged American pressure, recently imposed new export rules on the chip machine manufacturer for its chip machines. ASML itself also refrains from any comment.

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