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TU Delft is getting help building the supercomputer DelftBlue. Fujitsu and NetApp are coming to the rescue, providing an 85 percent performance boost over previous supercomputers from the Dutch university.

Fujitsu and NetApp are helping tinker with TU Delft’s supercomputer, DelftBlue. By integrating the IT players’ solutions, DelftBlue delivers 85 percent faster performance than the university’s older supercomputers.

DelftBlue consists of fifteen separate HPC clusters already in use by TU Delft. Fujitsu was able to link the separate units together into one HPC cluster. NetApp provides the storage system and offers a solution to scale the performance and capacity of the supercomputer as needed.

AI and big data projects

Through the collaboration, the supercomputer captures position 250 on the list of fastest supercomputers in the world. The university needed additional computing power to work with AI and big data. In addition to solving new problems, DelftBlue will be able to accelerate research speed. Hundreds of users can now use the computing power simultaneously, whereas before it was waiting for permission to get started.