China: Dutch hinder free trade by restricting chip exports

China: Dutch hinder free trade by restricting chip exports

The Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands is disappointed with the tightening of export restrictions on chip manufacturing machines. It says the move will seriously hinder international free trade.

According to the statement, the reasons for the recent export restrictions, national Dutch security, are completely unreasonable. According to the embassy, the tightening as of Sept. 1 is an abuse of export control measures and violates agreements on international trade and free trade. In particular, it would risk the Netherlands’ good reputation in these two areas.

Trade interests harmed

In addition, the Chinese embassy indicates that the global chip and chip manufacturing industry forms a network in which countries and suppliers are closely linked. Also, China is the world’s largest sales market for processors.

Setting up “barriers” in science and technology has no legal or moral basis in the eyes of the Chinese government. Moreover, in the long run, Chinese and Dutch companies are allegedly going to be seriously harmed.

Role of the U.S.

The Netherlands is accused of having paid too much attention to the U.S., thus cooperating in economic collusion against China and the suppression of Chinese companies.

China calls on the Netherlands to stop export control measures immediately. The country is eager to improve Dutch-Chinese trade relations after the export measures would be lifted.

ASML confirmed in a statement that as of Sept. 1, the Dutch government will further control exports of chip-making machines to China. The company says it will continue to abide by these regulations from the Netherlands, the U.S. and the EU.

According to the chip manufacturing machinery supplier, the measures do not affect its financial expectations for 2023. ASM International has not yet commented.

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