IBM will make cloud carbon emissions transparent

IBM will make cloud carbon emissions transparent

The new tool IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator helps companies track carbon emissions from cloud services.

“Across industries, enterprises are embracing modernization by leveraging hybrid cloud and AI to digitally transform with resiliency, performance, security, and compliance at the forefront, all while remaining focused on delivering value and driving more sustainable business practices. According to a recent study by IBM, 42% of CEOs surveyed pinpoint environmental sustainability as their top challenge over the next three years,” IBM said.

Patterns and anomalies

To provide support, IBM is releasing the Cloud Carbon Calculator. The dashboard can identify patterns and anomalies that may be related to higher greenhouse gas emissions. Based on technology from IBM Research and Intel, the tool uses machine learning and algorithms to detect emission hotspots in their IT workloads. It can help companies as they plan to reduce their emissions.

The Cloud Carbon Calculator provides detailed greenhouse gas emissions data for workloads in the IBM Cloud. The tool was created to visualize and track emissions for individual cloud services and locations, in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Filters are available to sort by emissions profile. This can include both classic and cloud-native infrastructure services. More services will be added later.

Companies can also analyze emissions by month, quarter and year. This is useful for tracking progress toward goals, according to IBM. The insights into emissions trends and patterns help detect anomalies and hotspots to adjust strategy if necessary.

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