VMware cuts offerings in anticipation of acquisition by Broadcom

VMware cuts offerings in anticipation of acquisition by Broadcom

While the acquisition by Broadcom is still pending, VMware has decided to discontinue its Flings program. The website flings.vmware.com previously allowed users to install experimental software. However, many of the offerings are now available elsewhere on the VMware website.

Earlier today, Broadcom and VMware announced that the deal was expected to be finalized “soon”. That will have to take place before Nov. 26, the final date agreed upon for the closing of the $61 billion deal. Numerous countries have given their approval, but among them, China is conspicuous by its absence. According to Broadcom CEO Hock Tan, regulators in Beijing aren’t the cause of any delays for the deal, contrary to what Financial Times reports. The resistance from Chinese regulators is said to be out of retaliation for U.S. export restrictions around chip production, blocking sales of essential hardware from the likes of ASML.

Tip: ASML can still supply DUV machines to China until start of 2024

According to CEO at MKP Advisors Mark Kelly, the uncertainty surrounding the VMware-Broadcom deal is unprecedented. Speaking to Financial Times, he states that the messaging from both companies is the first public sign that they cannot pursue the deal as envisioned.

Meanwhile, change is already afoot at the latter company anyway, evidenced in part by reports that many VMware staff have been offered jobs at Broadcom. Earlier, it became evident that a new round of layoffs had commenced.


VMware has acted quickly as far as Flings is concerned: last Tuesday, Fling developers were informed that the website would be taken offline, after which a redirect to developer.vmware.com/samples would be in force from Thursday. For senior staff solution architect at VMware William Lam, the decision came as a surprise; he also did not find out why Flings was being discontinued.

The Register reports that an “all-hands meeting” was canceled by VMware’s corporate top management late last week, so employees still don’t know what’s in store for them.

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