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Fortinet has a first with the introduction of the FortiAP 441K access point and the FortiSwitch T1024 10 Gigabit PoE switch. By its admission, these network applications are the first in the market to support WiFi-7.

The FortiAP 441K WiFi-7 access point offers users faster speeds and wireless network capacity. Among the WiFi-7 features of this access point are faster data transfer, lower latency, improved load balancing and reduced interference. This access point runs on Qualcomm’s WiFi 7 Qualcomm(R) Networking Pro 1220 Platform.

Een kleine witte router met een witte hoes.

The FortiSwitch T1024 10 Gigabit PoE switch, also based on WiFi-7, is specifically designed to support WiFi-7 access points and features 90 watts of PoE power. The switch has 24 times 10 Gigabit ports to which various other network devices, including the WiFi-7 access points, can be connected.

Een witte doos met een afbeelding van een netwerkswitch.

Part of Security Fabric

Both new WiFi-7 network applications are part of Fortinet’s Secure Networking portfolio and follow the Fortinet Security Fabric strategy. As a result, the access point and the 10 Gigabit PoE switch have access to FortiGuard security services and the Fortinet FortiAIOps tool.

The FortiAIOps tool allows administrators to gain real-time insight into potential network issues and automate additional management tasks.

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