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The new offering should support governments, research institutions and enterprises in data sovereignty.

Vultr’s new Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud products offer cloud infrastructure with specific safeguards. For example, customers are guaranteed that critical data, technology, and operations will remain within national borders and comply with local regulations. In European countries, there are currently concerns about housing workloads in non-sovereign cloud regions, potentially losing data control.

Through the Vultr Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud, governments, research institutions, and enterprises will have access to the advanced GPU, cloud, and AI technologies they have come to expect from the cloud. To this end, Vultr is working with local telecom providers, other partners, and governments to build and deploy locally managed clouds in each region. It is unknown which European parties are partnered with to provide the infrastructure.


Data will be stored locally and used only for its intended purposes. The data will be transferred beyond national borders or other domestic parameters only with explicit permission. In addition, Vultr offers technical independence through physical infrastructure, with air-gapped deployments and a control plane that is under the direct control of the customer. This is completely decoupled from the central control plane that manages resources in Vultr’s global data centers. This way, data and resources are completely isolated from the global infrastructure.

Only residents of the respective country will manage the Vultr Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud. This is to ensure that the audit trail meets the standards of national security and operational integrity.

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