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Eurofiber and Equinix are making it easier to connect each other’s datacenters directly. Each Equinix IBX datacenter can connect on-demand to Eurofiber’s software-defined DCspine network.

Both parties make it faster and cheaper to arrange interconnectivity. 95 data centers managed by Eurofiber Cloud Infra are already intimately connected to each other based on DCspine. Now the connection with Equinix Fabric is arranged out-of-the-box. This eliminates the need to use dark fibers (unused cables that can be rented).

Equinix Fabric offers Equinix users a virtual connection to their customer base, with these parties not having to worry about the physical infrastructure. Connectivity can be managed through a portal to ensure optimal port usage, for example.

Easy connection, even between Chicago and Rotterdam

Elisabeth Hankeln, Managing Director at Eurofiber Cloud Infra, points out that it has never been easier to arrange a direct connection between Equinix Chicago and the SmartDC datacenter in Rotterdam.

Although Equinix owns a global network of data centers, they are not equally extensively occupied in every region. In the Netherlands, in addition to several locations in Amsterdam, there are only data centers in Enschede and Zwolle. There are no Equinix data centers in Belgium or Luxembourg. By contrast, Eurofiber has a very extensive network in the region. Charles Bonnaire, Business Development Manager – Interconnection at Equinix, sees the partnership significantly expanding Equinix’s reach. “This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving demands of a subscription-based digital landscape.”

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