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Update, 11/06, Laura Herijgers: The Raspberry Pi IPO was a great financial success. The shares became available on the morning of June 11 at a price of GBP 2.80 per share, a few hours later shares were trading at GBP 3.70.

Raspberry Pi started its IPO today with a market value of 542 million British pounds (643.52 million euros). The price per share rose rapidly in the first hours, eventually allowing the British hardware manufacturer to raise more than 200 million British pounds during the IPO.

Original, 3/06, Floris Hulshoff Pol: Raspberry Pi, a British manufacturer of micro PCs, is seeking 175 million British pounds (205 million euros) of investment capital for an IPO on June 11 in London. Investor ARM has already committed to a new purchase of shares.

Raspberry Pi wants to go public in London and is trying to convince investors to make this IPO possible. The manufacturer wants to raise a total of £175 million in required investment.

The manufacturer of micro PCs wants to raise about 500 million British pounds with the IPO. This amount will be invested to improve supply chain resilience and other business purposes, the details of which are unknown.

Share buyback from ARM

About £31.4 million of the new investment capital comes from newly issued shares. Also, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a British nonprofit that promotes computer science for children, will sell some of its current shares in the PC manufacturer.

In addition, existing investors are also contributing to the IPO. Both chip technology specialist ARM and private investment firm Lansdowne Partners UK LLP have already guaranteed this. ARM will buy shares in Raspberry Pi for a total of 35 million pounds, and the investment company is doing so for 20 million.

The IPO’s first day of trading is June 11. Until June 10, a share of Raspberry Pi should cost between 2.60 and 2.80 British pounds.

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