AWS expands site in Frankfurt for 8.8 billion euros

AWS expands site in Frankfurt for 8.8 billion euros

AWS announces another investment in a European data center. This time, the company is spending 8.8 billion euros to expand its existing capacity in Frankfurt, Germany.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is investing billions in expanding data centers in the European region. The latest announcement concerns expanding existing capacity in Frankfurt “to continue building, maintaining and operating its cloud infrastructure for the AWS Europe (Frankfurt) region.” This expansion involves 8.8 million euros.

“Our teams work with state-of-the-art technologies to provide small businesses and customers, while AWS enables organizations of all sizes in Germany to grow and innovate their business using the cloud. And that brings a positive impact to the country – and especially to the communities in which we operate – with a wide range of investments and jobs ranging from research and development to logistics and customer service,” said Rocco Bräuniger, country manager for Germany at Amazon.

Thousands of new jobs

The expansion is very beneficial for employment in Germany. The company calculated everything and states that 15,200 full-time jobs will be added annually between 2024 and 2026. By the end of this year, the cloud provider will employ 40,000 full-time workers in Germany.

On top of that, this investment in Frankfurt is not the only investment from AWS that will create jobs. The cloud company is also busy building an AWS European Sovereign Cloud, which will initially be built in Germany. Those plans will also start development this year and should provide 2,800 jobs annually.

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